Administrative Assistant

The assistant will assist architects and team members in their daily work.


The assistant will have a type BAC or BTS “Assistant Manager”.


The assistant obtain his instructions directly from the manager, project manager and will be accountable. He (or she) will liaise with other team members in project management and other organizations associated with the project.

Qualities and skills required

Manage telephone reception and hospitality premises. Enter and format mails, meeting minutes, reports, various documents. Be able to assimilate and develop the classification of the agency. Manage the appointment of team members. Distribute documents. Achieve the application files, solicit engineering firms, collecting records, perform additional documents. Creation of communication tools: update book of the agency / creation of press kits / update the website. Demonstrate, in a sense of hospitality, taste of teamwork, autonomy, initiative, thoroughness, organizational ability. Knowledge of English would be appreciated. Computer literacy: Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Photoshop, InDesign. Excellent command of spelling and grammar. Impeccable spelling required.